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Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators


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Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators is a paranormal research group based in Zanesville, Ohio. We are dedicated to trying to find answers in locations that have claims of paranormal activity. We use scientific methods in our collection of evidence such as a DVR recording system with infrared (i.r.) cameras. Sony Handycams with night vision, digital voice recorders, (i.r.) thermometers and ambient air thermometers, various emf detectors, and digital and film cameras. We then analyze all the data we have collected and make a determination based on the weight of any positive results.

 We are a non-profit paranormal group available to assist with residential and non-residential paranormal activity. We will work hard to try to bring you some resolution to your problem and will be very discrete in the process. Myself and our other co-founder have a combined 30 years experience in paranormal investigation and our other members have been well trained in paranormal investigation. We take all claims seriously and will use all means at our disposal to bring you some answers. Please read our mission statement below.



         Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators


  Mission Statement

             Our group's mission is to investigate claims of paranormal activity by using scientific methods to determine if there is factual evidence to back up the claims. We at S.E.O.P.I. take our investigations very seriously and are not in this field just for a "thrill". Our members are in S.E.O.P.I. because we have all experienced the paranormal and we too are searching for answers using scientific tools not just feelings. We wish to help those that are troubled or just curious about the activity they are experiencing and are looking for either validation of their claims or other "non-paranormal" explanations.

Our service is completely free of charge and we will protect your privacy. If you contact us to assist you, your information will be kept strictly confidential and we will never release your name or address without your written permission. After the investigation, we will review our evidence and meet with you at a later date to reveal what we have found. At that time we will also share our opinions with you and/or our advice we may have for you. However, our connection with your case will not end there. Once we have opened afile on your case, wwe will always be just a phone call away if you would need any further assistance. Our goal is to bring those that are going through these sometime confusing and disruptive experiences some piece of mind.


The members of S.E.O.P.I. 

If you need assistance, contact us at:

Photo by Southeastern Ohio Magazine photographer Gwen Titley

S.E.O.P.I. will be presenting a ghost hunting seminar at the Licking County Library Main Branch Newark on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 from 1:30pm until 4pm. We will be sharing our stories and techniques in a re-reveal of some of our investigations in Ohio including the old Licking County Jail.

For more details, click the link below

S.E.O.P.I. Seminar details



S.E.O.P.I. is in no way affiliated with the public ghost hunts at either
"The Captain's House" in Dresden, Ohio or the public ghost hunts at the "Masonic Temple Building" in Zanesville, Ohio. We appreciate all of the support and requests for advice but at this time we are unable to endorse either ghost hunt. Thank you!



All of the members of the S.E.O.P.I. team would like to thank all of our guests that attended our first seminar and made it such a huge success. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to future seminars at John McIntire Library! We promise that we will make it shorter next time and cover more stories, evidence, and experiences!

We would also like to thank all of the businesses and organizations that donated all of the great door prizes! We would also like to thank the staff of the John McIntire library for your hospitality! You are all awesome and we can't thank you enough!!

This is a flyer for our paranormal seminar that S.E.O.P.I. will be hosting for the Muskingum County Library main branch (John McIntire Library). We would like to invite all of our friends to come and spend the afternoon with us discussing all phases of the paranormal investigation process!


Photo by Southeastern Ohio Magazine photographer Gwen Titley


The members of S.E.O.P.I. would like to send out a huge thank you to the board of The Cambridge Performing Arts Centre for their terrific hospitality and generosity. We can't thank you enough and we feel like we have made a great bunch of new friends! Please go see a show at C.P.A.C.

  Check out their link on on our "Links" page for upcoming performances!

Please check out the S.E.O.P.I. team video below!




****Coming Soon****

The Old Licking County Jail (2nd )

Senior Center - Zanesville, Ohio

Cambridge Performing Arts Centere - Cambridge, Ohio (2nd)

Zak's Restaurant - Zanesville, Ohio (2nd)

Bissman Building - Mansfield, Ohio

Historic Building - Perry County

        Zanesville Community Theatre - (Follow-up) (2nd)

  Private Residence - Zanesville, Ohio

Private Residence - Morgan County, Ohio

Penny Court  - Downtown - Cambridge, OH - (Follow-up) (2nd)

Many others in the works! 




Contact us: seohiopi@yahoo.com


Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
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We do not use, condone the use of, or allow the use of Ouija boards on our investigations!






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